As if the initial autopsy report wasn’t sad enough, new details have emerged about the body of late, great Whitney Houston. Apparently, the singer’s autopsy revealed that the her once lithe and model-trim body was riddled with scars, showing the tell-tale signs of her problematic life. The coroner’s report reveals that the Houston’s corpse was nicked up with cuts, burns and other assorted abrasions, many of which were on her body for several years. 

According to The Sun, a puncture mark was visible on Houston’s arm, while plastic surgery scars were found on her stomach, thighs and chest, suggesting that she may have had breast implants. She was also missing 11 teeth, which were replaced by false ones. That’s actually fairly common. Many singers have their teeth “done,” since they are so visible when they open their mouths to sing. As a result, they want to show off the whitest, most perfect chompers possible — so it’s not fair to assume Houston’s teeth were replaced simply due to hard living or neglect.

Also, it’s only fair to recognize that you’d be hard-pressed to find a scarless body at any autopsy, although it is apparent than Houston’s body revealed that she was not easy on it.

The autopsy did indicate that swathes of skin were burnt off her back, which occurred when she slid into the scalding hot water of the bathtub where she died. It’s believed that the temperature of the water was a blazing hot 150°F when she stepped into it. That’s really hot, so it’s entirely possible that she may have been so high that she did not realize the temperature.

Houston also had a perforated posterior nasal septum, which is something many heavy cocaine users experience. The report also indicated signs of liver disease.

Houston, 48, died in Los Angeles on Feb. 11. The official cause of death was accidental drowning, with heart disease and cocaine contributing to her demise.