Rumors have been rampant about every aspect of Whitney Houston‘s life since her tragic death on Feb. 11, but the latest isn’t about her substance abuse or financial woes. It’s about an affair with Jermaine Jackson.

The Sun reports that Houston had a secret affair with Jackson, claiming it explains why he was so devastated by her death last month. The pair recorded several duets together and were longtime friends, however, which could easily explain his sadness at her passing as well as an affair could. In any case, the newspaper says the pair had a year-long affair while Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy.

The tab claims Michael Jackson was one of the few people aware of the clandestine romance and that he didn’t approve of the pair. The affair allegedly began in 1984 and concluded in 1985 when Jermaine refused to leave Gordy for the budding superstar, Radar Online reports. Sources say Houston deliberately cast a Jermaine doppelganger in her video for ‘Saving All My Love For You,’ a song about an affair with a married man.

The Sun claims that Houston and Jermaine never lost touch even after the end of their affair, and that Houston even comforted Jermaine following the death of Michael in 2009. Rumors suggest that Jermaine didn’t attend Houston’s funeral because he was simply too overwhelmed with grief.

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