As December 21st closes in, one East Texas School District is taking additional pre-cautions and is stepping up patrol on all campuses in Whitehouse, Texas, and will release students early on Friday.

Due to recent incidents in and around Smith County and social media discussion of possible threats of violence Friday relating to predictions surrounding the Mayan Calendar, The Whitehouse Police Department will have law enforcement officers stationed that morning on every campus and during early release.

Parents should be assured that students Friday will not be in danger. "our campuses will be safe." Friday will be the first time a police officer will be placed at every Whitehouse ISD campus. Threats of violence aren't new to campuses but we are taking extra precautions at this time this time in light of the Newtown shootings and drama surrounding the Mayan prediction of end of earth on December 21st.

It is our promise that student safety and security is a non-negotiable priority.  We encourage parents or students with information regarding a violent threat should contact WHPD or a school official instead of posting to social media.

Lastly, please inform parents to speak with children about not bringing a weapon on campus for protection.  "That is unacceptable. No firearms. No knives. No weapons of any sort."

We will emphasizing our pledge that the fall term ends without incident, "Our campuses will be safe because we'll be there."