If you've ever done one of those all-day floats on the Guadalupe River in Central Texas, you know it can be pretty serene.

People float down the river for hours, usually with one raft to hold the people, and another raft to hold the beer.

With all the rain in Texas in May, the Guadalupe River's current has been strong, and it's created the chance to do some white water rafting. A rare opportunity in Texas!

Floating down the Guadalupe in New Braunfels used to take about three hours, but now because of that swift current, it moves you right down the course in about 45 minutes. That doesn't leave a lot of time for the beer part.

The river has been closed to tubers since May because of all the rain and the changing water conditions, but the rafting companies are starting to cater to the more adventurous types by offering white water rafting now. In Texas!

Usually that's an Idaho or Colorado adventure, but the rain has made it possible here.

Eventually the water will settle down and revert back to its usual more serene self, but it's rough and tumble right now and the rafting companies say that will last until about July 1.

In other words, now is your chance to get the rare pics for social media, proving that you can go white water rafting in Texas.