Last night on the BET Music Awards, actor Jesse Williams was given the "Humanitarian Award" for his efforts and work with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. He gave a very moving speech that brought everyone to their feet, however will the speech continue to move you 3 months later?

Too many times we get motivational speeches but are only motivated for the moment. If Jesse's speech inspired you then practice the following:

Make sure you are registered to vote
Vote at election time.
Join your local NAACP chapter.
Be active in making a change in our community.
Black men, treat black women with respect.
Treat your girlfriend or wife the same way you would a man to treat your mom.
Stop playing with her emotions, you are causing more harm to the black woman and their children when you play "Slave Master Games" with them.
Black women treat your black man the way you want someone to treat your son.
As Black women we have to respect our black man.
Motivate him, push him to be best he can be.
Support his dreams even the ones you don't understand.
Stop nagging so much and start listening more **call your homegirl and vent, get your thoughts strait and then go back and tell him how you feel**.
If ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ the black lives that are closest to you should matter the most.
Pray for each other, our leaders & our country.
It doesn't matter who our president is, God is the same everyday.
Have a good day.