The event that changed the way we live forever is being observed 12 years later.The terrorist attacks of 9/11 changed the way we look at all things forever.

I was working at WPHI in Philadelphia and I remember waking up on my couch and the TV was on. I thought it was a sick horror movie that was on my screen after I glanced at the first plane that struck one of the Twin Towers. As I got up to change the channel, the second plane hit the other tower.

I turned on my station and then-morning jock Russ Parr (who was in Washington D.C.) was giving live updates as the state of our great nation was under attack.

I ran to the station a little after 9, and you guessed it. Everyone was in pandemonium as my co-workers dashed out of station to grab their kids and get to their family as quickly as possible. I was the Program Director of the station, so I had to keep things under control and make sure we were giving the most up-to-date reports from our news affiliates and for six hours, we ran a news feed on air, no music.

That's what the listeners needed. In short,the thnigs  that followed soon after changed the way we traveled,check our mail boxes, secure our homes ,our children and many other things we took for granted changed forever.

I hope you can reflect on this day and think about what's important to our everyday lives and keep GOD FIRST. God Bless America!