Spring means it is time to start thinking about the mothers in you life. Showing love and gratitude to the women that have devoted so much to raising and caring for their children deserve worthy gifts. Here is a quick list of the gifts that are NOT worthy of these women. 

1. Appliances or Cleaning Supplies

This is NOT the day to remind a woman that has already done so much for you what else is waiting to be done around the house. She may need a new vacuum, but on Mother's Day give her what she wants. Treat her to something that doesn't remind her of cooking or cleaning. Maybe a movie or spa day, something that gives her a break.

2. A Pet

Resist the urge to get mom a puppy or kitten for Mother's Day. Yes, they are cute and cuddly. But, they are just another mother to feed and someone else to clean up after. Don't add to the list of things for mom to do, give her a gift that gives her the day off.

3. Anything About Weight, Weight Loss, or Exercise

Do not, not once, not ever during Mother's Day bring up weight. Reminding mom about her body before baby on the day she looks forward to nothing but compliments will get you in a lot of trouble. Give her sweets instead of workout videos or gym memberships. Even if she asked for it, save it for the day after. Give her a day to just feel appreciated and full of chocolate.

4. Heart Jewelry

Yes, they are pretty and cute. Yes, they are cliche and over done. Get her a piece of jewelry she would really like, something she would pick out for herself. If this is the only time she gets jewelry during the year, get her something she can wear all the time.  Plus, getting the same gift everyone gets their mom gives her nothing to show off to her friends or coworkers.

5. Flowers

Put in a little more effort. Don't shop, buy, and ship her flowers from the Internet. This woman GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. Do you know what that is like? If you are male, don't even start in. Show your love and appreciation with time, love, and sweets. Don't act like a stranger to the woman that carried you inside her.