The hair extension industry is a multi-billion dollar business and looks like since the reality was put on the forefront by funnyman Chris Rock, every one's trying to cash in! In Chicago, weave thieves stole over $230, 000 worth of high-quality hair from a beauty supply store.The weave thieves broke through a wall at around 2am through a vacant storefront business that adjoined the beauty supply store, and ran off with the store's highest quality merchandise.  The tracks were of all grades, textures, and were some of the best hair available in the city. The hair was bundled and sorted in six large duffel bags in the store.

Apparently, the store owner Don Shin, said that the thieves left behind all of the cheap hair - taking only the most expensive:

"They knew what they were doing. They didn't take any of the cheap stuff. This is an investment for me. It's hard to find the natural hair right now, it isn't always available. So when I have a chance, I buy it."

With the growing popularity of wigs, hair pieces, and weaves, the price has drastically escalated, and selling expensive hair is like the new drug craze.

Once believed to be only for woman with thinning hair, or bald heads, weaves are so popular now, even woman with long hair wear weave to either protect their hair from styling damage, or to add fullness to what they've already grown naturally.

Police believe that the thieves were obviously aware of the industry and the worth of the hair they stole. The thieves will most likely attempt to sell and distribute the hair to salons or on the street.