We have a new intern and he's just now entering the dating scene (after being out of it for 2 years) and he was asking us where is the best place to go on a first date here in East Texas. We asked on Facebook for your advice in how to answer his question, and here's what you had to say:

Melayna  said: "No matter where they start Shoguns is a great place to start. They break the ice with all the action."

Nicole said: "Anywhere not in east texas." lol

We said: What about if the poor guy's wallet is rather 'empty'?

Nicole said: "Have a picnic since the weather is warmer....there is not any nice inexpensive yet classy places around east texas! especially for a first date."

Melayna said: "With no $ it would be in his best intrest to go to a Mexican restuarant for free chips , salsa, and lemonade ( water , lemon , sugar packets), then to Sonic for a walk on the beach ( sand volleyball court), and finally to my house for a movie."

All great choices! We say, if your money is funny and your credit won't get it, but still want to show your date a good time, you can always:

1.) Cook a delicious spaghetti dinner at your home and rent a "Red Box" movie for $1.

2.) Take your date to a movie (don't skimp on the popcorn) and then take them to your house for dinner.

3.) Make a taco dinner! It's quick, cheap, easy and delicious! Then make it a Blockbuster/Netflix night!

However, being the realists that we are, we also had to be honest and tell him that if you are that broke, maybe you need to save your money until you can do better... Especially if you still live at home with your mama!