Alicia Keys gave a stellar and stunning performance at the iTunes Festival, playing familiar favorites and a previously unheard song from her upcoming album, 'Girl on Fire.' The track, 'Brand New Me,' is a piano ballad that brings Keys back to her roots.

If you don't have time to tune into the entire set (though we do think it's worth it!), you can catch 'Brand New Me' at about the 45-minute mark. Following a rollicking rendition of 'I Need You,' Keys sat back down at her piano for the ballad 'Brand New Me.' "This next song that I want to play is another new song, so I hope you don't mind hearing something new," she told the crowd. "That last song was my deprivation," she began, "and this one is my autobiography."

Keys began the track with a length piano intro, Keys giggled, "That was my practice!" Before she launched into the actual song, she prefaced it with, "This song is so, so, so, so important to me. I'm very excited to sing it for y'all. This song was written with an incredible musician and artist whose name you might know -- Emeli Sande. It's called 'Brand New Me,' and it sounds like this."

Keys' ballad was one of empowerment after a breakup -- or really any situation in which someone tries to keep a good woman down. Keys sings, "It's been a while I'm not who I was before / You look surprised / You look surprised / Your words don't burn me anymore / Meaning to tell you / But I guess it's clear to see / Don't be mad, it's just a brand new kind of me / Can't be bad, found a brand new kind of free."

The song -- at least this particular live version -- is just Keys and her keys, and she shines. Her voice soars when she belts at a naysayer, "I'm not expecting sorry, I'm too busy finding myself / I got this, I found me." The message is further driven home when she sings softly, "I might not be perfect, but at least I'm brave." No, Alicia -- we're pretty sure you're perfect