With the summer and the heat very much upon us, what is better to cool off with the family or friends than a good water balloon fight? Check out this video of Bunch O Balloons, an invention by Texas-based Tinnus Enterprises, that lets you fill 100 water balloons in a single minute.

This has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever in the history of summer fun and water balloon fights, which is what the Plano company's founder, Josh Malone, said caused him to create it. Josh said after filling thousands of water balloons with his wife and kids over many summers, he had an idea to make it faster and easier.

How many balloons have you had to wait on at the faucet filling and then had to tie them one-by-one? It sucks and you can spend an hour doing a basket of water balloons and then spend five minutes exploding every one of them.

While Bunch O Balloons aren't available in the outdoor section of your local store just yet, there's a Kickstarter to get the project funded for mass-production, and you can score your Bunch O Balloons by donating to it.

Check out the video of what might be the greatest invention in water balloon fights ever!