It's been fifteen years since "Waiting To Exhale" hit theaters and stole the show, and the sequel -- which is based on the 2010 book written by author Terry McMillan entitled, "Getting To Happy" is still in early production. Many wondered if the film was still going to be created with the recent death of Whitney Houston, and Fox film execs say that the Waiting To Exhale sequel will still go on despite Whitney Houston's death.In the 1995 film, "Waiting To Exhale", actresses Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon, and Angela Bassett are signed on to do follow ups to their character's lives. Loretta as "Gloria", Lela as "Robin", and Angela as "Bernedine". We all know and fell in love with these characters, but the big question is, will they replace the character "Savannah" with another actress or will they write out her character completely. In the book, Gregory Hines character was written out because of his passing.

Regarding if the masses would be upset about the remake, Elizabeth Gabler, President of Fox 2000 Pictures stated in an interview:

"I don't think she would want it to" be dropped. It’s almost in her honor that we think to soldier on."

As of yet there is no final script for the film.
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