It’s time East Texas to exercise our political power and vote as the first statewide primaries of 2018 take place on March 6th and it’s very important to know your status as a registered voter before the February 5th deadline.

The Texas Tribune reports that the first statewide primaries of 2018 will take place March 6th and that is very important for Democrats and Republicans as the race for U.S. Senate will be on the ballot as well as the Democratic gubernatorial primary will take place with 9 candidates campaigning for the office.

In the state of Texas 8 members of the U.S. House isn’t running for re-election which has opened the door for 18 Republicans for 4 Democrats running for those seats as well as all the seats in the Texas House of Representatives and half of the Texas Senate seats are up for re-election.

If you are not sure about your status you can check out the Texas Secretary of State’s website by clicking here.  However, to register to vote you must fill out an application at your county voter registrar’s office or grab a copy at your local library.

Early voting begins on Tuesday February 20th.