Voice actor, Kevin Clash, who formerly voiced Sesame Street's wildly popular character, Elmo, has been sued for allegedly hosting drug/sex parties at his home in NYC. The accuser, Sheldon Stephens claims that Clash had lured him into his home to smoke crystal meth -- and have sex, all while he was just a minor.According to TMZ, in a disturbing twist, the accuser also claims that the private car would chauffer him to Clash's residence, and the driver was in on it all too, allegedly would masturbate while watching Clash and the accusers have sex.

Stephens says that when he was just 16 years old, he'd met Clash at a networking event for actors, and began a sexual relationship shortly after that went on for years.

The lawsuit also states that Clash gave Stephens "poppers" after smoking the meth to intensify the high.

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