The annual Texas Shakespeare Festival has been filling the July weekends with a bit of comedy and tragedy. It brings the great plays of Shakespeare to the East Texas area, but it is almost gone again. Don't miss your chance to bring your friends and family to this great Kilgore event. 

The Texas Shakespeare Festival has been in full swing, but it is fast coming to a close.

The most recognizable name in theater history, Shakespeare, has given the world a wealth of great stores to be played out by the world's acting professionals. This experience is happening right now, right here in East Texas. But, he isn't the only talented writer that will be showcased. Seriously, don't miss this chance to experience some great art.

The Texas Shakespeare Festival is going on right in Kilgore.

Pulling right off of Henderson Avenue will lead you to a great cultural experience that is fit for the family. Before it leaves, make the drive out and see it.

They have five plays in rotation, but all are down to their curtain calls.

The Comedy of Errors
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Chuck Ney
July 27

A jumble and chaotic mess of mistaken identities and other blunders makes this play a delight to see play out.

The Foreigner
By Larry Shue
Directed by Raymond Caldwell
July 27

An Englishman is mistaken by locals of a small town for having the inability  to speak English. This confusion leads to a great showcase of hilarious and crazy situations.

The Winter's Tale
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Matthew Earnest
July 26, 28

This is a great fairy tale for adults, it tells the story of good and evil within a gorgeous scene of jealousy and forgiveness.

Book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Fredrick Loewe
Based on "The Once & Future King" by T.H White
Directed and choreographed by Abe Reybold
Music Direction by Arnold Sherman
July 26, 28

This Tony Award winning play is one of the world's greatest love stories ever told. The love between Guinevere and Sir Lancelot is a story you will love to hear again.

The Enchanted Forest
By Jason Richards
Directed by Jason Richards
July 26, 27

The Enchanted Forest is another fairy tale, but this one is made specifically for the kids.

All of these great shows will be taking place at the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center.

For more information check out the Texas Shakespeare Festival website. You can read more about these performances, get to know the history of the festival, and buy your tickets. Or, you can find them on Facebook for even more information on this great event.


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