This is a hilarious story about ‘Woman Vs. Food’ that will leave you in stitches.

ABC 13 News Now, report Virginia Simmons wanted to steam her own crabs for the very first time and did a live stream on Facebook to record the event.  Well, let’s just say things didn’t go as well as it planned.

She starts the video with a .99 cent Corona (where did she find that?) and a cup of water steaming on the stove as she proceeds to get the bag of crabs only to learn it’s slightly torn as the crabs were trying to escape.

That’s when the comedy begins!

I might be doing this wrong, but Imma dump em on in this pan first!

Virginia attempt to dump the crabs in the pot, but the bag gives and hell breaks loose.

The crabs fell out the bag into the pot and some even got out as Virginia is screaming trying to regain control.  She even grab a pair of tongs and even got into a fight with one crab who refused to go easily.

You’re steady fighting instead of embracing death.

Finally, after all that fighting the crabs are in the pot and Virginia is prepared to get her steam on.

This hilarious video has gone viral reaching over 6.7 million views and every minute is worth it!

Next time Virginia just order take out.