A snake in Texas is no match for a really hungry squirrel! Check out the viral photo.

This picture was posted on the Guadalupe Mountains Facebook page earlier this month, and went viral after that.

Doesn't it look like the squirrel might be trying to decide if he's going to kiss it or eat it? Well he ate it!

The park ranger who took the photo said he watched the squirrel devour the snake down to the bones after he snapped this pic.

Do these squirrels always eat snakes? The park service says, "Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits, and nuts, but they will also eat bird eggs, lizards, and snakes."

This ain't no vegetarian squirrel.

Visit www.nps.gov/gumo to see more on the super cool and amazing animals we have in Texas. And keep that pet snake of yours away from these cute little squirrels!