Lately it seems as if there is an epidemic of ‘living while black’ in America because every other day blacks are having the police called on them by whites either they look suspicious or feel threatened and this time one Hollywood actor is sharing his story.

According to the LA Times, the Mission: Impossible – Fallout star Ving Rhames reveals that he was once held at gunpoint in home Santa Monica home.

He recently shared his experience during an interview he explained how he responed to a knock at the door and when he opened it there was a red dot pointed at his face from a 9-mm from police officers.

They were responding to his neighbor who reported a 'large black' man breaking in next door.

Thank God one of the officers recognized the actor and told his officers to stand down after they got him outside.

The actor called the incident a "wake up call" as he thought what if his son had a remote control in his hands or a video game controller?

Of course his neighbor denied making the call.