There’s an old saying: “Age ain’t nothing but a number” and Santa Claus got more than what he bargained for as he cut a rug with a 90-year-old woman from D.C. Christopher Tate is a minister from D.C. and annually he makes a trip to the Unique Residential Care to cheer up seniors dressed as Santa Claus in what he calls the “Golden Christmas”

Video Source: CaJo Ida

Fox 32 Chicago reports that Tate and his daughter go around passing out gifts from room to room to greet the seniors when one of them came to Santa with a unusual request.

Santa, I want to dance!

The two both began to dance to “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and even with her walker she made some fantastic moves.  Once they were done so many seniors were crying tears of joy and didn’t want the father daughter team to leave.

This video has gained over three million views and the comments are steady coming in and Tate didn’t expect the video to get that much attention.  Tate who has a birthday next week said it was an early birthday gift.

This just goes to show that you are only as young as you think.  Watching this video got me missing my grandparents.  I think I will give them a call.