Remember when Victoria Jackson was a regular on ‘Saturday Night Live’? And when she was funny? Seems like a lifetime ago. Lately she’s become a rather paranoid conspiracy theorist, doing things like lashing out at ‘Glee’ for “making kids gay” and railing against Muslims as a whole for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And on Wednesday, she set her sights on the protestors taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a 15-minute video posted to her YouTube channel, she interviews both participants and innocent passersby.

In one particularly charming exchange, a protestor tells her a good way to end the deficit would be for the government to “end the wars and tax the super rich.” Her reply? “Class warfare is Marxist … If you want everyone to be equal, how are you going to make them equal in good looks and smart brains? Everyone’s not created equal.”

No, no they are not. Especially in the sanity department.

Watch the craziness below.

[via HuffingtonPost]