We all know in today's times that advertisers are more interested than ever in our lifestyles. With today's hectic lifestyle and consumers getting blasted with hundreds, if not thousands, of advertising messages each day, it's harder for advertisers messages to 'stick out' above all the other things we have going on. Verizon has apparently come up with one solution -- a DVR that can watch and listen to whatever you have going on in your living room and then the ability to target television ads to that activity!

Comcast and Google have patented similar technology in the past few years, but none go quite this far. Verizon filed an application in May of 2011 and it was just legally published after the 18-month time frame.

Verizon gives examples of how the technology would be used. If the DVR detected sounds of arguing, it would prompt ads for marriage counseling. If sounds of romance were detected, ads for contraceptives may be shown.

This technology has yet to be put to use, but the thought that companies are considering it is pretty frightening. What do you think?