One of the reasons we're proud to be part of East Texas is knowing how strong, resilient and steadfast our people are around here. And that has been proven tenfold after a tornado ripped through the small town of Van on Sunday night.

Just hours after a tornado destroyed 30 percent of the town, the cameras on the CBS DFW chopper caught a very powerful moment.

A group of people standing in the middle of a destroyed home found an American Flag in the rubble. And rather than set it aside or move on looking for something else, they took the time to find a pole to hold the flag, and raise it high.

If this video isn't powerful or doesn't show you how strong our East Texas compradres are, I don't know what will. For people who have lost so much, they took the time to remember what they still have.

Pray for Van.

VIDEO: They found the American flag in the midst of #Van tornado damage -- watch what they did next! #PrayForVan

Posted by CBS DFW on Monday, May 11, 2015