Usher has just released his latest single, "Missin U" from his upcoming album, Hard II Love, due out on Sept. 16.

The song finds Usher singing about how he misses his woman—but the catch is, he hasn't met her yet. Basically, he's missing what he never had, but hopes for. And when he finds his dream girl, he'll be ready to give her whatever she needs.

"I bend my knees at all the things that don't exist yet/Like the breakfast on Sunday mornings after drunk sex/Or when you're out with your girls and you send me a drunk text," he sings on the first verse.

By the time the song ends, it seems as though Usher's finally caught his woman, though he's waiting for her to give him her heart.

"I like the way your frame is/I wonder if you're sex is as good as I assume it's gon'
The crazy thing is you already knew what it was/Take this, take that girl, but don't take time/You take my heart, come claim mine," he offers.

Sonically, the song finds Usher still tapping into trap&b, but because he's a veteran and an innovator, he takes the popular style and flips it a bit at the break, when the music slips into more traditional R&B stylings.

All in all, this will probably be a solid radio hit for Usher, who is currently lighting up the big screen as Sugar Ray Leonard in the film Hands of Stonewhich hit theaters today (Aug. 26).

Listen to "Missin U" above.


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