Last year on Valentine's Day, Usher dropped the Diplo-produced track 'Climax' and it became a chart-topping smash and a Grammy-winning song for Best R&B Performance. The dynamic duo has teamed up again for another tune called 'Go Missin'.'

Ursh went on Twitter Thursday (Feb. 14) to spread some V-Day love to his female fans and share his new song. "You loved what I gave you last Valentine's #Climax So here is 'Special delivery from the cloud' Happy Valentine's Day!" he tweeted to his followers.

Unlike the emotionally-wrought 'Climax,' this song is more upbeat and geared for the dance floor. On the track, Usher is in the club tempting a woman to join him on a freaky sex-capade. "It's so crowded up in here what you doin' all alone? / It's so dark up in here, plus you ain't even got your phone / What kind of man would ever wanna leave your side? / Shame on him, you comin' home wit' me tonight," he sings.

This should hold his fans over until his next musical endeavor. In the meantime, you can catch Usher coaching singing contestants on NBC's 'The Voice,' which premieres on March 25.

What do you think? Will lightening strike twice for Usher and Diplo? Listen below and tell us in the comment section.

Listen to Usher 's 'Gone Missin' (Produced by Diplo)