We knew this was bound to happen since their divorce was so acrimonious and their custody battles were ugly.

Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond filed paperwork in Fulton County, Ga. after their son, Usher Raymond V, was injured in a swimming pool accident at the R&B crooner's home. She is seeking an emergency hearing so that she can wrangle custody of their sons since she feels Usher, who has primary custody, has created an unsafe environment for the boys.

Usher's ex, pictured above with the singer in happier times, claims that he has shirked his parental duties, letting two incompetent people care for their sons and pick up the slack.

TMZ claims she is specifically upset about Usher's aunt, as it was she who was watching Usher Raymond V, who is only 5, when the pool situation occurred. The boy swam to grab a toy from the drain and his arm got caught. It took several attempts to free him. He's okay, but it was hairy for a minute.

Tameka lodged prior complaints against the aunt, saying she let a stalker in the home where Usher and the boys lived. She also alleges that the aunt is entirely too physical in her disciplinary actions when it comes to the children.

Tameka has limited custody, which she seeks to reverse in light of the pool scare.