When you think of flying cars immediately I think of the old school cartoon The Jetsons.  Shout out to the YouTube channel Warner Archive for taking me down memory lane in this video clip.  The Jetsons was that cartoon of the future with George Jetson flying through space with his family and my imagination would run wild with the thoughts of the day where WE would be flying through space in a car.  It was spoken of years ago, but to actually make it a reality was still uncertain until today!

Along comes 2017 and Uber daring to go where no man has gone before and that’s offer flying taxi services out of Dallas, Fort Worth in 2020.  According to the website fortune the company is planning to use a small electric aircraft that will take off and land vertically with zero emissions and quiet enough to operate in cities.

Uber said the company expects the cost of talking flying taxi’s to fall below car ownership.  The company is also working with Hillwood Properties to make four vertiports-VTOL hubs with numerous takeoff and landing pads, and charging ports in Dallas starting next year.  Where was this when I arrived in Dallas just last month?!?!?!?!

Would you ride in one of these flying taxi's?  I personally would like to see it make a few test runs before I decide to use Uber to fly the friendly skies.