The NFL season is coming to a close and most Americans will gather around the television to watch the final four teams battle it out for a chance to play in the Super Bowl except our military forces.

KSAT reports according to the Pentagon, the Armed Forces Network, known as the AFN which provides US radio and television news, information, and entertainment programming to active, guard, and Reserve military service members will not be operating because of the government shutdown.

AFN which is ran by the Department of Defense provides eight television, 12 radio, and 9 streaming Internet radio services to military personnel in 168 countries and US Navy ships at sea around the world.  The operation was disabled when the government shutdown at midnight Friday night.

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Personally, speaking as I have friends who are actively serving in the military.  I can’t imagine the dangers they face on the regular protecting our country I am sure that having the opportunity to watch the NFL games would bring a feeling of home and give them a piece of mind from them protecting our liberty.

Regardless of political affiliation, I hope that this shutdown ends soon and our troops can enjoy this game we all collectively love.