They all have something in common, warrants for their arrests.

The Tyler Police Department is looking for these twelve individuals and seeing how there are twelve of them on the police department's website, we've nicknamed them 'Tyler's Dirty Dozen'.

They are among the most sought after criminals that the Tyler Police Department is looking for. Some have been on the department's list for months, if not years already, and it's about time to bring them to justice. Although they remain at large, the department is still actively tracking their whereabouts to bring them to justice. Once the fugitive has been apprehended, they will be removed from the list and another will be placed in their place.

This installment of 'Tyler's Dirty Dozen' still features some familiar faces, but there are some new ones now and the department needs the public's assistance to find these criminals. If you happen to see these fugitives around town or you know anything about their whereabouts you are urged to call the Tyler Police Department at 903.531.1000. You can also call in an anonymous tip to Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903.597.2833 and report their location or leave any important information that would lead to their capture and arrest.

In no way should you try to apprehend these folks, leave that up to the police.

In come cases, there could be a reward associated with the arrest of these individuals. Here are the twelve individuals that make up 'Tyler's Dirty Dozen':

  • Jeremy Brown

    DOB: 12/04/85

    Exploitation of Child, Elderly or Disabled

    Tyler Police Department
  • Jeffrey Graham

    DOB: 09/28/76

    Engaging in Organized Crime

    Tyler Police Department
  • Bridget Anderson

    DOB: 06/10/70

    Felony Theft and Fraud

    Tyler Police Department
  • Whitney Teeler

    DOB: 07/01/86

    Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Tyler Police Department
  • Christopher Willingham

    DOB: 02/27/84

    Evading with a Vehicle

    Tyler Police Department
  • Norman Keen

    DOB: 03/26/60

    Felony Driving While Intoxicated

    Tyler Police Department
  • Soraya Quezada

    DOB: 03/05/76


    Tyler Police Department
  • Mark Johnson

    DOB: 03/24/66

    Burglary of Habitation

    Tyler Police Department
  • Roderick Morrison

    DOB: 01/18/89


    Tyler Police Department
  • Roderick Taylor

    DOB: 05/06/88

    Engaging in Organized Crime

    Tyler Police Department
  • Cody Herber

    DOB: 09/28/90


    Tyler Police Department
  • Hector Garcia

    DOB: 06/04/86

    Sexual Assault of a Child

    Tyler Police Department