The fireworks at Lindsey Park in Tyler were in jeopardy of not going off this year because the Tyler Jaycees, who traditionally has hosted the show, pulled out and the show was cancelled for a short while. Now that a group of generous people has come up with the funds and the show can go on! The City of Tyler will coordinate this years' fireworks show at Lindsey Park as announced by Tyler's City Manager Mark McDaniel in a City Council meeting earlier today.

In a press release that was issued, McDaniel said,

The City had not budgeted for a fireworks show and the same pyro-technics company was not available to do the event on the Fourth of July, so it looked like the Lindsey Park fireworks show wasn’t going to be possible this year. However, several community-minded individuals and companies stepped in to provide the private funding necessary to make this Independence Day Celebration a reality.”

The fireworks show though has a couple of major changes that you should be aware of:

  • the show will now be held on Saturday, July 5th
  • parking for the show this year will be free

The show will begin at dark at Lindsey Park and the city is anticipating that concessions will be available at the park sometime around 2p.