It is the time of year for a little spring cleaning. Your home, yard, and office will soon be spick and span. Shouldn't we give the same treatment to our East Texas parks? Here is a chance for all of us to take care of one Tyler park for its own spring cleaning. 

The City of Tyler's department, Keep Tyler Beautiful, is inviting the community to come help them clean up Rose Rudman Park.

Meeting from 9 a.m. through till one in the afternoon on April 6th, this Trash Off will be half a day's worth of a lot of fun.

In the morning, the volunteers all meet at the South Side Park within Rose Rudman's massive park and trail system. From there, everyone is given the supplies they will need for the day of clean up. Going with the family or a big group of friends makes this day loads of laughs and games.

I have gone almost every year for the past five years. I gather a handful of friends and bring them out to have fun while helping our community. It doesn't sound like fun at first, but I promise you will have a blast. The more your hands get dirty, the more enjoyment you start having.

My friends and I, on our first Trash Off, had too much fun. We all started competing with each other with who could get the biggest or weirdest trash. Playing these games and joking with the families and other groups at the event, made our Trash Off already worth it. Then, we had lunch.

Who can argue with having free lunch? The best part isn't even the free meal. After everyone gets some food into their bellies, the Keep Tyler Beautiful crew starts handing out the raffle prizes. These prizes range from gym memberships to restaurant gift certificates.

So, come on out and help clean up one of our parks. It will be fun, good for our community, and might buy you dinner.