Tyler, the Creator literally put his feet up on the sofa and talked about everything on the 'Arsenio Hall Show' Thursday night (Nov. 7). The Odd Future leader shared his feelings about the YouTube Awards, the N-word and the concept behind his 'Glowing' video.

On the subject of the YouTube Awards, Tyler felt that video channel missed a big opportunity to showcase the plethora of creatives who have been making innovative content on the Internet. Instead, they turned it into another stale awards show.

The discussion really got interesting when Hall asked him about the use of the N-word and the F-word (the three-letter kind) even though he is friends with OF singer Frank Ocean. Tyler suggests that people don’t give those words so much power.

"The way I see things, you chose to be offended if you care more about stuff like that," he said. "Now that might sound very ignorant. But if you are a black person and someone calls you the N-word, I don’t know, maybe you might be. But if I know that I’m not an N-word, then I won’t get offended. It’s another word that has no meaning."

The conversation then switched to politics with Hall asking Tyler about his thoughts on President Barack Obama.

"I don't get into it because I really like do funny stuff," he said. "I realized he's an N-word that figured it out."

It’s never a dull moment when Tyler speaks.