At their meeting on March 23, the Tyler City Council authorized the City manager to enter into an agreement with Unique Management Services, Inc. to aid in the collection of fines and fees owed to the Tyler Public Library.

At that time, $640,228.10 was owed to the Library in delinquent fines and lost materials dating back fourteen years.

Prior to moving forward with this new collection process, the Tyler Public Library will be hosting a Late Fee Amnesty opportunity for overdue Library fines. During the first two weeks of May, patrons who have outstanding fines can go to the Library and request their overdue fines be forgiven.

Patrons who have overdue materials can also return them at this time and receive amnesty on the late fees which would normally be incurred.

“The Tyler Public Library is hosting this event in an attempt to retrieve long overdue materials,” said Ashley Taylor, circulation supervisor. “We are hoping that a majority of our patrons will take advantage of this two week opportunity to clear their accounts.”

The amnesty period starts Sunday, May 1 and ends Saturday, May 14.

For information on this and other events, please go to or call (903) 593-7323. The Tyler Public Library is located at 201 S. College Ave. in Downtown Tyler.