With many of us completely OVER Kim Kardashian and her Hollywood antics, Tyler Perry was singing her praises during a visit to the Chelsea Lately show. He first was talking about his new film, Good Deeds, then, the movie, The Marriage Counselor was also brought up. When asked how Kim K did in the new film, a cheerful Tyler claimed, "She Did A Good Job!" And of course, Tyler discussed how hell broke loose on Twitter when it became known that her hired Kim K to be in on of his movies. Check out the video.

Tyler said:

"She’s in a movie called ‘The Marriage Counselor’ and I found out she’s going through a divorce after a few days. I mean, all hell broke loose. Every black woman in America was after me for that."

"They were tweeting, ‘Have you lost your mind? All of the black women that need work and you’re hiring Kim Kardashian?’ But when they see the movie they’ll see it’s a small role that I wrote for her and she did a great job in it. You’re gonna be surprised."

Do you think it was right for Tyler to hire Kim Kardashian with all of the black actresses out of work?