Tyler now has an app that allows you to alert the city of any issues, connect with city officials or, if you're undecided on what to have for dinner, it can help you with that according to KLTV.

Benny Yazdanpanahi with the City of Tyler said, "If you're on an intersection and you see an issue with a traffic light, or anything, you can pull up your phone and take a picture and send it in to our appropriate officials and they'll be able to work on the issue and it will notify you when the work is done."

The app was developed at no cost to the city by Genesis, a technology company in Tyler. Phil Burks, CEO of Genesis, explained how it helped with a pothole. "The pothole... I reported it on 5/10, in between the entry of Gen Core offices and Paluxy. I would say within 24 to 48 hours it was filled. That won't happen every time to everyone, but at least right now, that was excellent follow through from the app all the way to completion."

It is just the first version of the app, so any suggestions can be submitted through the app.

It is available for free through Google Play or iTunes. You can also get more details at cityoftyler.org.