Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler is listed as one of many haunted cemeteries in Texas according to both and It is the second cemetery in Tyler established in February of 1916 and a little over 46 acres and the first person buried there was Assad John Sarkis, from Syria, in 1917.  Now, if you think of haunted cemeteries you might be a little hesitant about going because face it, the thought of having a supernatural encounter with the paranormal is creepy!

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Contrary to reports the ghost of Rose Hill isn’t scary at all.  Matter of fact people come from all over to visit to a particular grave site of Madge Ward’s and for good reason as it’s a giant concrete piano.  I was curious about Madge Ward so I went digging up some information from an article in Tyler Morning Telegraph and come to find out, she was a cruise ship piano player and longtime music teacher in Tyler.  I guess her love for playing the piano carried over into the afterlife because some visitors that come through Rose Cemetery say they hear Madge Ward playing a tune from her grave.  Me personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard Madge playing her piano at night because I believe in spirits after staying at a haunted hotel in New Orleans where I believe I experienced paranormal activity.

Ghost Brothers

Last year I had the opportunity to meet a group of guys called “The Ghost Brothers” made up by Juwan, Dalen, and Marcus.  Their show comes on Destination America and they travel around the states investigating paranormal activity and the things they come across is very eye opening and even gives goosebumps.  I would love to reach out to them and see if they can appear in Tyler for a potential late night jam session with Madge Ward.

Other haunted cemeteries in Texas:

  • Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont
  • Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville
  • Bethel Cemetery in Coppell
  • Lone Oak Cemetery in Blooming Grove
  • Mills Cemetery in Garland
  • Evergreen Cemetery in Paris
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

In conclusion, cemeteries are for the dead and have their families to pay their last respects.  Please be mindful if you just so happen to go ghost hunting.