Segways are driven almost every where now. With more and more people riding them, there are more and more people falling off of them. These high tech two-wheeled scooters seem too much for some to handle correctly. Though it is mean to laugh, some of these falls taken by Segway operators are hard not to laugh at.

Tourists save their aching feet from the long walks around a new city by riding a Segway. Police officers, security guards, and other patrolling people use Segways to avid endless hours walking around. And plenty of other people are driving Segways for the fun of it. All of these people will more than likely one day fall off their Segway or let it get away from them. Accidents like these have been caught on film. When put together in a YouTube compilation video these trip ups and wrecks can brighten someone else's day with some laughter.

I dare you to watch this whole video without, at the very least, a smile on your face and a giggle hanging on your funny bone.