With Thanksgiving coming up Thursday, the annual radio station Thanksgiving lunch with the staff and family is coming up tomorrow afternoon and of course the main dish at the luncheon will be turkey. But how that turkey gets prepared for us was up for a great debate!

When the topic first came up, the turkey that was going to be served was going to be fried, but then there was objection to it and others wanted a traditional oven roasted turkey and then there was a group that wanted a smoked turkey. See, ya can't please everyone everytime, just some of the time! So that leads me to my question,

I think it was finally decided that we were going to have fried and smoked turkey offered to us tomorrow for our station Thanksgiving lunch.

As you get ready for your family get together Thursday, I found this interesting statistic when it comes to turkeys and Thanksgiving. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that around 45 million turkeys will be eaten, which is one-sixth of all of the turkeys sold in the U.s. for a year. Our consumption of turkey has been on the rise over the last 25 years ot around 16.1 pounds per person per year according to the National Turkey Federation.