Just take my money now!

Nothing is more sacred than watching Saturday Morning Cartoons and eating your favorite cereal and now one of my favorite childhood cereal's are making a comeback.

According to Fox News, the colorful cereal Trix delighted kids like me in the 80’s is making a coming back. General Mills, Inc. announced on Monday (October 1st) that it's bringing back the beloved cereal in its original form after receiving thousands of requests from nostalgic fans.

In 2006 the company changed the cereal from fruit-shaped pieces to just balls, and in 2015 General Mills announced they would no longer use artificial dyes and flavors in their product.

After the new Trix came out with more muted colors (derived from natural sources) General Mills faced a flood of backlash from people slamming the look and taste of the new cereal, and so General Mills reverted back to their old colors. Not long after, the company reports, people started begging them to bring back the fruit shapes.

The fruity shapes are expected to hit grocery store shelves across the country this month.

Now if we can only work on bringing back old school cartoons.