With the public outrage over the shooting of Trayvon Martin spreading like wildfire, many are raising the question - If the roles were reversed and Trayvon weren't black and Zimmerman was, would there be swifter justice in this brutal case? The even bigger question is why hasn't the murderer of Trayvon Martin been arrested? Thousands are gathering for the "Million Hoodie March" in Manhattan. The gathering of hoodies is because that's what Trayvon was wearing the night of his death.

Trayvon was unarmed and leaving a store after purchasing a pack of Skittles and a can of tea. He was brutally gunned down by the "self appointed" neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. The police department is also under fire for not handling the case properly.

The parents of Trayvon are saddened and outraged that there isn't any more being do to get justice for Trayvon. A very sad story, and out prayers are with Trayvon's family at this time.

Do you think this is a case of racism by the shooter, and discrimination by the police department?