YOU LIAR!  That's what I yelled when I stepped on the scale over the weekend to realize that I've been enjoying Texas food a little too much.  This is by far the MOST I have ever weighted in my life and this was a wake up call that I need to be more cautious of not only what I eat, but in how I eat.

Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images

This wake up call couldn't have came at a better time because the office has posted the opening for the 4th Annual Townsquare Media Weight Loss Challenge.  With Summer on the horizon the days will be longer days and most likely they will be spent outside, the company thought it would be a perfect time to get fit for the summer.

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For eight weeks all participants will record a survey starting this Friday June 16th.  After I personally log my weight I will respond if either I lost or gained weight and the individual who lost the most weight will win a prize.


Shawn Knight

So for eight weeks I bid farewell to all burgers, pizza, pasta, bread (I'm crying as I type this) and get myself focused so I can live a more healthy lifestyle.  I'll be recording my progress weekly so if I can have you guys cheer me on as I go on this journey it would be greatly appreciated and you may never know I might inspire someone to take better care of their weight and eating habits.  Now let me get to enjoying this steak, opps this salad.