Local meteorologists are estimating that by this Friday (June 28) we will see our first 100-degree day of 2013. After we hit the hundreds it will only get worse from there. So, where can you find a cold and sweet treat to beat all of this heat? 

Tyler is going to get hotter and hotter as we drudge through this Texas summer. The only solution sometimes is to get a cold and sweet something to chill our tongues and please our taste buds. But, where can you find the best treats?

Here are our five favorites:

1. Marble Slab

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Marble Slam Creamery is one of my absolute favorite spots to get an ice cream cone. What do I suggest you get for this heat? Sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone is like a little bit of heaven in your hand. This delicate and delicious taste will get you through the 100 degrees. But if that doesn't sound good to you, try their endless options and flavors to treat your mouth to a roller coaster ride of yum.

2. 5th Street Snow Cones

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Who doesn't love a snow cone? Admit it, you NEED a snow cone every once in a while. The sad thing about this addiction to the sweet ice is that these snow cone stands are fast disappearing. I remember almost every corner having a stand when I was a child, now there are just a couple. The 5th Street Snow Cone stand is my favorite because they have such a wide variety of flavor choices. Plus, they don't charge extra to have multiple flavors in one cone. You can;t get much better than that!

3. Andy's Frozen Custard

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Andy's Frozen Custard is a great choice if you don't want a repeat of ice cream or snow cone. They are a great and creamy treat to battle this hideous heat we are working through. They have this strawberry frozen custard that is to die for. But, their vanilla, chocolate, and the countless other flavors will surely satisfy you. There is a reason this place has a line of cars and people out to the street every weekend.

4. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Orange Leaf yogurt shop is amazing. It can be your more healthy choice for a cold dessert to fight the unreasonable heat. That is, until you put all those toppings on yours. Naw, don't feel shamed. Put as many toppings as you want on to any flavor of Orange Leaf's yogurt. Don't let the hundred degree weather get you down, come visit this shop.


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Located at the corner of Beckham and 5th Street and also on South Broadway in Tyler, TCBY is a great spot to cool your jets and get yourself through these hot days. TCBY is another yogurt shop, but holds its very own style and tastes. You should definitely give them a shot. Don't miss out on their sweet, sweet goodness.