Every day, let alone each year, there are breakthroughs in science. Some as a solution to a problem and some just for fun. This year, 2012, there have been loads of amazing scientific advancements. Some will blown you away. 

Just when you think that science can go no further, it runs laps around you. Through studies and inventions, our world is changing every day. When a year makes way for a new one, scientific break throughs make way for new ones.

Here is a list of the top five advancements science made this year. 

1. Genetically Modified Silk Is Stronger Than Steel
The University of Wyoming made advancements in the production of silk. The "new" silk they created is stronger than steel! They hope that this invention will be a great help in the medical community. They believe this silk will be helpful for things like stitches.

2. Spray on Skin
This advancement in skin repair called, ReCell by Avita Medical, will help the severely burned. With just a postage stamp size piece of skin moved to the area that can grow to the size of a piece of paper in just a week, this invention will help those in need of skin grafts.

3. 3-D Printer Created a Full-Size House
In just one session, this 3-D printer made a house. Created by Enrico Dini, this awesome invention can make a two story building out of sand and a bonding component.

4. Eye Implants Help the Blind See
Two men were given eye implants in the United Kingdom. In a matter of weeks they were able to regain vision, enough to see objects and some colors.

5. Cars That Can Drive Themselves Become Legal
Nevada, Florida, and California now have cars that can drive themselves. An invention by Google, the cars that have been tested were in only two wrecks. These accidents were caused when they were being operated manually.

Even though we don't have flying cars yet, every year we are getting closer to living like the Jetsons. This world if changing faster and faster with every new finding or invention from the scientific community. Lets just wait and see what happens in 2013.