There is one in every family. That one quirky cousin who marches to the beat of his own drum. Don't sweat worrying about what to get him. Just scroll down this awesome list for some great pointers.

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    Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe

    Star Wars is always a great theme because you simply can't go wrong. This right here is legendary, he will be feeling like a Jedi after every shower (good incentive for hygiene).
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    Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

    Live long and eat pizza? Close enough! The trekie in your life will love to get his hands on this kitchen gadget. Plus, you will be getting him something that is useful.
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    Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

    Rainy days are always a huge bummer. But with this umbrella he will be looking forwards to the chance of thunder storms. Let's face it, most umbrellas looks pretty girly -- there is nothing girly about this item.
  • 2

    Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

    Give the Iron Man in your life something he will feel at home in. This really really rad shirt lights up to look like the real deal. Yeah, that's right -- Tony Stark will be jealous.
  • 1

    Etch A Sketch iPad Case

    Nerds always have the latest and greatest in technology. Most of the time the covers are simple and boring. This Etch A Sketch iPad Case is neither of those. Can you just imagine everyone's reaction to this sweet retro gift?