This is the driest time of year. With most of the Texas counties under burn bans, we all need to be on the defense against grass fires. So, how to you protect your property from catching on fire? Here are the top three ways to prevent anything from happening to your yard and home.

Until we get a little more rain, we all need to follow these steps to protect ourselves, our property, and our families from the danger of a fire.

1. Clean up.

RLHyde, Flickr

Make sure to give your yard a little clean up. Removing loose leaves, pine needles, and other dry debris can lower your rise of a blaze around your house.

Make a game out of it. Grab the kids and have a competition of who can clean up the most from the lawn.

Keeping a clean yard does more for you than having a good looking yard.

2. Get a trim.

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Keep bushes and trees trimmed down. Also, trimming the growth around your windows will help prevent your home from catching on fire if a grass fire does start in your yard.

It should be a no brainer to trim dead limbs and over grown bushes.

This will also keep the insurance agency off your back. they love seeing a home that is taking proper precautions to keep safe.

3. Take care of your grass.

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Cutting and regularly watering your grass can be the easiest and best way to protect yourself from a grass fire.

During these months of high numbers of grass fires, a well watered lawn can be a life saver.

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Make sure to water your lawn in the morning hours or later in the cooler evenings to make sure you do not burn your grass. A dry lawn is a fire waiting to happen.

Keep yourselves safe out there. Do your part to protect your lawn and you might help save a neighbors home and yours.