Wow! Talk about a stir of emotions. The love / hate relationship we all have with the tabloids has been tested, and many folks are very upset with the National Enquirer's latest stunt. On the cover of their latest issue, the tabloid magazine has published pictures of a deceased Whitney Houston lying in her casket. Not only are Whitney fans upset, but reports claim that her family, and close celebrity friends are extremely upset, as this was an attempt to sell more magazines. The biggest question is, how did they get that photo? Click HERE to see the photo.

The cover's issue has a title that reads: "Whitney: The Last Photo!"

The photo shows Ms. Houston in a casket with cream-colored lining, her favorite purple dress, with her nickname "Nippy" and music symbols around her. An investigation has been prompted by those closest to her to find out how, when, and where the National Enquirer got their hands on the private photo.

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