It's the call that has the blood of Dallas Cowboys fans still boiling, the challenge call of Dez Bryant's catch in the game against Green Bay. Had it not been for the controversial call and not calling his catch a catch, the Cowboys could have possibly been playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Although Tony Romo won't be playing in Super Bowl XLIX this weekend, he'll still be appearing on our TVs during the big game in a commercial for Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut posted their latest commercial on YouTube, which features Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan throwing red challenge flags at people for not choosing the pizza chain's latest line of new crusts.

Romo appears near the end of the ad when the red flag gets thrown in his pizza box and he says, "Not again."

Obviously referencing to the challenged Dez Bryant catch in the game against Green Bay that was ultimately reversed thanks to instant replay.

Catch the big game Sunday night on NBC.