I just received news that Tommy Ford is fighting for his life in an Atlanta hospital after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. Reports have come out that he died, however his wife has stated that he is on life support and asking for prayers.

Tommy recently visited East Texas and stared in a play title "I Can't Take It Anymore". July 9 he stared in the gospel stage play at Tatum High School. The proceeds from this event were to help provided assistance to keep children and youth in this area involved in the arts.

Tommy also stopped by the Hot 107.3 Jamz studios to promote the play as well as inform us of his non-profit organization 'Tommy Ties", which grooms young men for greatness one tie at a time.

Tommy recently had knee replacement surgery and was in the process of recovering. He recently posted on his FB page that he was "working really hard in physical therapy" and his "progress is amazing". His wife Gina has asked for everyone to keep him in their prayers.

Tommy Ford appeared in all 5 seasons of the hit sitcom Martin, New York Undercover, The Jamie Foxx Show and The Parkers. He also has written several children books and pushed for drug-free and non-violent lifestyles.