To heal a wound.... you need to stop touching it! Upon being discharged from the hospital a couple of weeks ago after having spinal surgery, my surgeon gave me some very simple instructions regarding wound care... LEAVE IT ALONE.

He placed a water resistant band-aid over my cut, and told me not to touch it. When we speak of wounds and healing, we typically think in terms of physical.  When in actuality, the same holds true for healing in every aspect of your life.

A wound can't heal if it's constantly irritated and exposed to germs by you picking and scratching at it. That is a very fragile area and is to be handled as such. For example, if you're fresh out of a heartbreaking relationship or marriage, that's a huge wound. During this time of healing, it's not a good idea for you to take trips down memory lane and/or entertain conversations about the details of the separation. DON'T TOUCH IT and allow the healing process to do what it was designed to do... Remove, restore, and regenerate.