To all of you I say, Happy National Tequila Day! This should be a day widely celebrated here in Texas. In fact, wouldn't it be great that we all had tomorrow off to truly celebrate this great day? Hangover or not, here is a list for you to find the best places in town to get your margaritas or other tequila drinks. 

When I heard the news that today was National Tequila Day, I became very excited. I love any excuse to have a great and fresh margarita.  I may have even looked a little bit like this when I heard the word.

So, where can we East Texans go to celebrate this great day? Well, there are a handful of joints around the Tyler area that will quench that adult thirst.

1. Stanley's Famous BBQ

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That is right, this isn't just one of Texas' best BBQ joints. They have some of Tyler's best margaritas. Why? Because they focus on fresh ingredients. They also house some of the world's best tequilas including, the Texas great Republic silver tequila. So, head down to Stanley's and be kind, have fun, and drink some.

2. Don Juan's On the Square

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Where else in Tyler would you expect to find great margaritas other than Tyler's best Mexican food restaurant? Seriously, if you have yet to visit Don Juan's on the square, you are ruining your life. Really, tonight would be the best night to get your margarita. They are having their dollar taco night. Yay! Lets celebrate this great holiday with a good drink and a taco.

3. Fuzzy's Taco Shop

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Fuzzy's Taco Shop is a rather new addition to Tyler's margarita options. Even though it is the new kid on the block, Fuzzy's has some of the more powerful tequila drinks around town. I love their margaritas with a variety of beers hanging out in them. Yes, you don;t have to just get a Coronarita. Try Dos XX's or even a Blue Moon in your rita. Yum, yum, and YUM.

Guys, lets go celebrate. When five o'clock hits, lets go grab some of that sweet tequila. But, we need to be responsible. Make sure to get a designated driver or call a cab.

Click here are a few numbers for local cab companies here in Tyler.