Today is a very special day because it is "National Camera" day!!! I have never heard of that, however, that's what Twitter told me this morning, so I am clicking away! Apple is also celebrating something special today as well.

Did you know that on this day 9 years ago the first iPhone was released and since then 9 different versions of the iPhone have come out. This is a good tie in because iPhones have cameras on them. So you can celebrate your iPhone with the camera on it today!

If you are going to the Babyface & New Edition concert tonight, this may be the last time that you can take photos or record at a concert. Word is that Apple is going to start blocking iPhones from taking photos at concerts. They say it is because it is a destraction to other concert goers that are trying to actually watch the show through their eyes and not their devices. Yeah right, blow that smoke somewhere else. At any rate...Happy hump day!